The Team

With a vision to curate experiences around the world that touch the lives of people to embrace culture, art, and more, the Day of the Dead Immersion was born. This experience is manifested with love and brought to life in partnership by the hearts who created Hayo Magazine and Patron Immersive. 


Many people told us individually that we had to meet each other. When our paths finally crossed at the REALITY Reunion in Israel earlier this year, magic ensued. With shared visions and passions for bringing people together with creative intention into experiences that foster deep personal transformation, we are beyond excited to bring to life this unique immersion that people will never forget. Creatives, makers, artisans, dreamers, and adventurers – we’re calling your names. 

Join us.

- Joanna and Toni 


Joanna Riquett

Born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, and current resident of Mexico City, I'm a travel curator, experience designer and publisher of the digital and print coffee-table award-winning magazine Hayo that focuses on travel, arts, and culture. I recently made the move to Mexico City to return to my Latin roots where I design travel and event experiences that highlight and promote the creative aspects of Latin cultures. I'm passionate about the deep personal impact of travel and the understanding of other cultures through experiencing them first hand. I'm also a public speaker and have lived in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Auckland, and Cartagena. I'm obsessed with cacao nibs.  


Toni Alejandria

Bringing people together is what I love to do. A calling that chose me, I've had the privilege of designing experiences for over 15 years around the world from the hills of San Francisco and warehouses in Brooklyn to rooftops in Tel Aviv and the jungles of Costa Rica. I previously co-founded two companies including a consulting collective specializing in creative design and marketing, and a tech startup. My love for experiences throughout the world led me to launch Patron Immersive - an experience company that elevates local culture, awakens audiences for artists and makers, and creates catalyst moments of impact. In my free time, you can find me co-creating an·i·ma: A Gathering, hosting Shabbats, and building costumes.